Growing Minds Center

Our Services

Resources to obtain service

We operate as a full-time school for children with autism and related disabilities and when funding is available we also provide after school therapy and summer school programs. Students that have been in the public school system and have a diagnosis of any developmental disability including autism and other disabilities will qualify for a McKay scholarship that will cover the cost of the school tuition. We have a limited number of alternative options and/or assistance for students that do not have McKay scholarships.

Growing Minds Student Objectives

Parents or guardians and Growing Minds personnel share in identifying each young person's instruction and treatment goals and in developing individualized programs best suited to that person's needs. Because all intervention activities and decisions are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, professionals and parents directly observe daily performance and collect data that provides objective feedback and permits ongoing evaluation of the effects of intervention. Based on this data, individualized programs are revised or redesigned as needed to ensure each individual's continued progress.